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A collection of short poems written while I was taking an “Experiments and Explorations in Writing” class. The class was all together fun, and I heavily enjoyed the experimental poetic writing. Playing with words and how they were read was quite the experience.

##Calendar Project

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While in a Vector Imaging class instructing how to use Adobe Illustrator, an assignment was given to create four three-month calendars illustrating the months they contain. I decided to illustrate the four seasons with a semi-subtle abstract representation of the mood or feeling of the seasons as they change month-to-month. The result was a collection of an illustration of the sky and ground throughout the seasons, showing time progressing into the seasons through the months from the top to the bottom of each calendar.


Link to Adobe Illustrator Files on Pixelapse

Planets are cool. While in my Vector Imaging class, one project was to create album artwork. A common theme when I listen to music is space–when I listen to music, I tend fall into a fantasy of surreal futuristic space images–so I decided to depict a planet in the dark of space. I found an image of Earth and began to trace the shapes of land masses. Soon thereafter, I began adding clouds and an atmosphere, and eventually a black and burple nebula cloud behind the planet to give it a nice hubble look.