A collection of short poems written while I was taking an “Experiments and Explorations in Writing” class. The class was all together fun, and I heavily enjoyed the experimental poetic writing. Playing with words and how they were read was quite the experience.


An attempt to create album artwork using Illustrator, this image is a serene depiction of an Earth-like world suspended in the beauty of space. I feel this image may be suitable cover for Gustov Holst’s The Planets, which is a musical depiction of the planets in the Solar System using the personalities of their respective Roman gods. Venus, the Bringer of Peace is an especially good fit—having a very light-hearted motif that lulls listeners into a calm sense of peace.

Calendar Seasons

While in a Vector Imaging class instructing how to use Adobe Illustrator, an assignment was given to create four three-month calendars for 2013. I decided that my calendars would somehow depict the changing seasons flow through each month. The result was an abstract representation of each season’s temperment transitioning from sky to ground as time flows with it through the year.